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Jagriti school for blind girls in India and Global Grant

Adress: Comfort hotell Skeppsbroplatsen 1 41121 Göteborg

We all are Rotarians & our thinking based on humanity.  Human societies  have Down or Up syndromes or so to say injustice mostly based on lack of knowledge etc.   “Pink & blue” is one of those syndromes. Whole world has suffered with this injustice & some parts are still suffering. With the birth we got the color, in most cases Pink suffered or has second place in life. 

Empower girls with education is one of International Rotary’s programs. With Jagriti school for blind we are supporting not only girls but girls facing with natural injustice. 

When we invest money we always want to be secure for right cause & right use. With Rotary we always have mentor partners to take care of the project in invested localities. 

In case of this GG case we & other six Rotary clubs around the world are partners. 

We have guests with us on zoom & will get more details on the school & GG from them, 

Jagriti schools Principal Sakina Bedi & Rotarian Anil Bora from Rotary club of Pune Central.