tisdag den 30 april 2019
Invited speaker: Grand Hotel is grand, but is it Grand enough
Speaker: Maria Paulsson (Grand Hotel Lund)
The company I currently run is a family business, so does that mean it was my destiny to take over from my father? Well it certainly wasn’t what I thought when I left Sweden at the age of 20. It took 14 years living abroad, and a detour incorporating 6 countries, before I knew that I should at least give it a go! So full of confidence and energy I embarked on my most recent journey, to take over a family business and run an icon hotel in Lund. My most pertinent question at the time - was Lund big enough? 12 years later, I have the answer.
tisdag den 7 maj 2019
Invited speakers: Some light on benefit frauds in Sweden
Johan Andersson & Kerstin Ivarsson:
The discoursers and author couple Ivarsson & Andersson were successful with their first novel Råttan (The Rat). It is a thriller based on true cases of benefit frauds in Sweden. With their experiences as former mangers of employment offices, officials and police officer they present a frightening story about how organized crime finds its way in to the hallways of authorities and steal millions from the tax-payers. Do not miss the opportunity to attend their lecture the seventh of May this year.
tisdag den 14 maj 2019
External speaker: Dana Dedeck

Dana Dedeck - a Rotary stipendiant.

tisdag den 21 maj 2019
Invited speaker: Sustainability: A historical odyssé of a concept
Speaker: Henrik Hedlund (Human Fidelity AB)
What does it really mean for ’something to be sustainable’? How come that we didn’t think about this concept thirty years ago? How do we relate a ’sustainability paradigm’ to the ’ruling paradigm of economic growth’? What are the ’UN global goals for sustainable development’? How can a sustainable world become real? This lecture will put the concept of sustainability into a context of the past, the present and the future and hope to both clarify, provoke and present ’the real stuff’.
tisdag den 28 maj 2019
My year as an Exchange Student in Sweden
Beskrivning:Speaker: Alice Babb, our exchange student from Pennsylvania
My impressions of my Swedish school, host families, host club, trips and events, Kiruna, interesting holidays and other special highlights during my year.
Rotary News
fredag den 19 april 2019
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onsdag den 10 april 2019
Live updates from Council on Legislation 2019

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tisdag den 26 mars 2019
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tisdag den 19 mars 2019
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måndag den 18 mars 2019
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