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Welcome to Gothenburg International Rotary Club

Started in 2010 as the Rotary Club of Göteborg-Lindholmen, we became an international club at the end of 2020. We greet visitors and speakers from all around the world in the innovative, dynamic and creative area of Lindholmen.

We normally meet in the MobilityXlab showroom at Lindholmspiren 2, on Tuesday between 12:00 and 13:00.
We gladly welcome you 10 minutes before the seminar starts for some networking mingle. The presentation begins at 12:00 and we usually continue with a discussion around lunch at 12:30 at the nearby cafe. Registration is not mandatory but we appreciate if you do it in Eventbrite, where you can also see all the details for our future seminars and activities.
The seminars are conducted in English.
Rotary is the world's largest professional network. Gothenburg-International Rotary Club aims to be a club for professionals and offer them an interesting network. We aim to have a dynamic group of members and we work actively for diversity in our club. 
Are you interested in attending a talk or want to be a member of Rotary? We welcome you as you are!
Member fees 2020/2021
  • Yearly membership 100 kr
  • Seminars fee          700 kr /semester
  • Regular lunch         130 kr
Payment to BG 636-3931 or Swish 123 419 3553 for seminars, lunch, etc.
Your name will appear automatically with the payment.

Tuesday Tuesday, September 28, 2021
Gunvor Juhlin-Dannfelt - The whole world's paediatric health centre
Paediatrician Gunvor Juhlin-Dannfelt speaks about meeting children and parents living in one of Sweden's vulnerable areas
Please note that the talk will be held in Swedish.
Registration on Eventbrite:
It will be possible to join online, more information to follow.

Paediatrician Gunvor Juhlin-Dannfelt works in Halmstad in one of Sweden's vulnerable areas. The talk will focus on the challenges and possibilites when interacting with people from many different cultures.


Tuesday Tuesday, October 12, 2021
Vera Stremkovskaya - Humans Rights in Belarus today - My own story
Vera Stremkovskaya, Belarusian, author and Human Rights advocate, will talk about her work for Human Rights in Belarus

Registration on Eventbrite:

Vera Stremkovskaya is an author and member of Sveriges Författarförbund. She has published six books in Russian - poetry, an autobiographical novel and short stories. Two of her works are translated into Swedish by Per-Olof Andersson.
Ms. Stremkovskaya has a background as a Human Rights attorney in Belarus, working as a defence attorney and for 10 years led the Centre for Human Rights in Minsk, an NGO founded by Ms. Stremkovskaya.
Ms. Stremkovskaya is a renowned Human Rights activist and has been awarded several international awards for her work. Her efforts are described in Kerry Kennedy's ”Speak truth to power” (”Mod utan gränser”). Her work is described in her book "Advokaten från Minsk”, published in Russian and Swedish in 2017.
Ms. Stremkovskaya lives in Gothenburg since 2008.